Richard Westoby Photography

Richard had his first solo photography exhibition in 2009 after spending 4 months living in Cape Town, South Africa. These photographs sold with the proceeds going to fund some of the very important work that the charity Positive Heroes undertakes in reducing the stigma of HIV in South Africa.

With his second set of photographs taken in 2012, Richard aims to raise more much needed funds for the charity. South Africa is a country that remains his inspiration - all of the wildlife and landscapes shots are unique as the second after they were taken the landscape changed and the shot can never be repeated - that for Richard epitomises the amazing continent that is Africa, constant change that never fails to leave one wanting more.

All photographs on this website are for sale and for more details about Positive Heroes please see the Links page.

If you are interested in buying a photograph please send an email to and Richard will reply as soon as possible.

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